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We all have a voice and we can all be singers. With Vanessa, you will learn the elements of healthy and musical singing.


We'll work on posture, relaxation, breath control and support, voice production, unrestricted sound, tuning, listening, harmony singing, diverse repertoire, reading music, text clarity and meaningful performance, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Together we'll work to build excellent technique integrated with your natural musicality and expression.​

No gimmicks. No fancy jargon. No short-cuts. Hard work, comprehension, Great Technique.


Anyone who uses their voice (and therefore their body)  for their work can benefit from Vanessa's expertise in this area. You'll work on developing a strong, healthy and free voice - being able to connect voice and the breath, intention and emotion, and learn how to unlock the power and potency of text.

Vanessa has successfully taught classes and led workshops at drama schools in the UK and at universities and theatre companies in San Diego.  She has worked with professional actors, TV presenters and within businesses to help develop strong and healthy voices, communication skills, projection and confidence.


For many, sight singing is a mystical, unattainable goal, but it really isn't that difficult once you can read music and know learn the tips and tricks!  


Sight singing is an essential skills for all singers, from professional opera and musical theatre to amateur choristers.  Working with your natural ability and your progress learning to read music and ear training, Vanessa will also help you hone your sight singing skills and have fun at the same time.  


An accomplished cellist, Vanessa enjoys introducing young students to one of the most beautiful and versatile of instruments.

Learning can be fun as students work on their music reading skills, technique and musicality.

Perfect for young students who want to broaden their musical horizons, or mature students who have always dreamed of learning an instrument. Always a fun and nurturing environment.


A self-professed "word nerd," Vanessa is a trained, qualified and experienced theatre practitioner who has studied phonetics, dialect and accents and is well placed to pass on her knowledge of Regional British and Standard European, Australian, New Zealand, and specific American dialects.

She works with each actor's own natural ability, combining this with a solid technique in voice and accent production to achieve incredible results. Her finely tuned ear can spot a misplaced vowel or inconsistencies in difficult regional accents, and best of all, she knows exactly how to help you correct them!


To be a fully rounded musician or musical theatre artist, a basic grasp of music theory is essential.  Both voice and cello students will learn theory, but for those who want to stay that step ahead, Vanessa can help take you to the next level.  Students will work on theory and analysis as a means of deeper interpretation of repertoire.

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